Client Testimonials

"I struggled with DE for over 5 years and now I don't have issues with it anymore! Steph is very empathetic, she hears everything I say, she can break it down and turn it into actionable items to help me reach my goals. I ramble and Steph takes it and turns it into 3 action steps. Even my wife is willing to go to an adventurous place having more fun together. My mindset AND my wife's mindset has changed for the better around sex (even with Steph never even speaking directly to my wife). I also found it surprising that having never spoken to anyone about my DE before, I never felt embarrassed talking to Steph. She made the whole process comfortable. Don't doubt her. If you need help, hire Steph and you'll be glad you did!"

- R.C (1:1 client)

"When I first started working with Stephanie, I was feeling really frustrated with my premature ejaculation. Even though my wife was cool about it, I felt embarrassed for myself whenever it happened. I was uncomfortable talking about it with Steph at first but the more exercises she gave me, the more progress I saw, which made it comfortable to talk about. Within 6 months I went from lasting 1 minute to consistent 10 minutes. I never thought I'd be capable of this!"

- C.S (1:1 client)

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for Steph's help. She has enabled me to not only feel comfortable around and potentially conquer my DE for good, but she's given me a set of tools that will help me with my relationships and life moving forward. I truly hope every man who is struggling has a chance to work with her, they will not regret it. Thank you for everything, Steph."

J.D (1:1 client)

"Working directly with Steph has given me the knowledge and confidence  needed to feel much more in control of my sexual experiences in my marriage. The frequency and quality have both improved and I have been able to connect better with my wife on multiple levels. Steph has a great ability to keep me focused on my goals, even when I got a little discouraged. She has a way  of understanding exactly what I am experiencing and how I can use my thoughts and feelings to my advantage to improve my marriage."

B.I (1:1 client)

"While working with Steph, I was able to find ways to no longer experience premature ejaculation during sex with my wife. It has made sex more fun, enjoyable and spontaneous for us both. I've also learned a lot more about myself and my wife in the process. If you're struggling with PE, Steph knows how to help you!" 

- B.M (1:1 Client)

"Working with Steph was a very eye-opening experience. I've never been able to talk so openly with someone about my sexual experiences and having a space to voice them made them easier to understand and conquer. Her VIP plan was highly detailed and tailored to my specific situation. It gave me specific steps and plans to overcome each challenge in a manageable way. The knowledge she shared with me changed the way I think about sex for the better and I recommend her to anyone seeking the same guidance."

- A.J (VIP client)

 "I hired Stephanie to help improve communication with my wife so that we can have more sex and I can get my needs met. I was able to slowly start the process of communicating better with my wife and I continue to build momentum moving forward! The VIP gameplan Stephanie created for me after our call really helped and I think it will help my wife and I on so many levels."

- J.W (VIP Client)

 "Not only did Steph's feedback help my confidence and give me a plan of action but I've never felt better. I'm now dating the girl I was anxious about struggling to "perform" in front of. It's only getting better thanks to Steph!"

- J.B (VIP Client)

"Working with Stephanie was a great experience. I learned a lot and improved my communication skills a great deal. I achieved a better connection in my relationship [within 6 weeks] working with Steph."

- M.F (1:1 Client)

"The VIP Intensive with Steph was really helpful. I never explored these things so deeply. Just focusing on this specific topic [erectile dysfunction] and explaining myself helped reveal certain things I would have never known [about my sex life]. I felt Steph really understood what I was saying and it was a great session. Once given a plan, I felt I knew exactly what to do to continue progress."

- S.B (VIP Client)

 "I came to Stephanie with some significant sexual issues in my relationship. She was amazing at helping me identify what was wrong, while helping me feel comfortable and normal at the same time. Because of her guidance, I am now very self confident, able to self analyze and communicate better with my spouse... and I am having greater sex because of it. Thank you so much Steph!"

- P.L (1:1 Client)

"I got complete closure on my past relationship and relationships while working with Steph. Learning to understand myself really helped me to express myself better. Now my dating/sex life feels more fulfilled, communication with family and friends is better, approaching women and getting numbers is easier... Thanks Steph!"

- M.L (1:1 Client)