Why she no longer wants to have sex with you - by Steph Ganowski

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Why doesn't my wife (or partner) want to have sex with me anymore?"

A very valid concern, in my opinion. And there are many reasons for this. But where our minds usually tend to go is, "It must be me" or "She doesn't think I'm sexy anymore" or "we don't touch enough"... which MAY be the reason (or one of the reasons), but definitely not always the reason. 

So I'm going to leave a list here of other reasons why your wife/partner may not be wanting sex with you anymore. Now, this list isn't meant to make you feel like complete shit (lol) but to simply make you more aware of other ideas/perspectives around what may be going on with your partner.

And hey, perspective is a powerful tool to help us understand our own behavioral reactions, change our communication patterns and sometimes bring about new responses in others.

Reasons for why she may not want to have sex with you anymore: 

  • Feels she can't live up to past sex activity/interest 
  • Not satisfied sexually 
  • Frustrated with her vagina/body 
  • Vaginal pain during intercourse 
  • Doesn't feel reciprocation in relationship (sexually or emotionally)
  • Needs to heal from past trauma 
  • Menopause 
  • Chronic illness/disability 
  • Age/body insecurities
  • "Always a mother" (doesn't feel sexy anymore)
  •  Feels resentment for not getting enough help with kids 
  • Exhaustion (mental and physical)
  • Lack of emotional connection in relationship (no emotional safety to lead to sexual vulnerability)
  • Lost attraction to you 
  • Stress
  • Sex is no longer a priority 
  • Feels awkward about sex 
  • Doesn't want to disappoint 
  • Choosing not to forgive you for past argument 
  • Lost trust in you  

There are more reasons and I'm sure you've felt a few of these before (or currently) as well! 

Did reading this list bring any new awareness up for you, in regards to your relationship/sex life? If so, let me know!


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