My name is Stephanie Ganowski & I am a Clinical Sexologist & Sex Coach for hetero men. My mission is to help men improve their sex communication skills, performance & mindset around sex.

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But why heterosexual men? 

1. For personal reasons. When I started my coaching practice 5+ years ago, I found myself in many poor romantic relationships with men. I was tired of blaming them for being the problem and wanted to understand them and myself on a deeper level. I thought this would allow me to "heal" myself and eventually attract my ideal partner (which I did ;). So I decided to focus on teaching communication skills to only men ...helping them build their confidence and better connect with their female partners.

2. I saw a need for it. I didn't see enough sex coaches speaking directly to heterosexual men in their marketing. In fact, I saw (and still see) too many people hating on heterosexual men, blaming them for the majority of problems in relationships. I didn't/don't find this fair and wanted to play a part in helping men while making sure they feel only support and never judgment.

Why sex? 

At about 3.5 years into my coaching career, my Instagram went viral and I started receiving an overwhelming amount of questions from my male followers about sex. These questions ranged from, d*ck related issues, sex communication frustrations, pen*s/body image issues, etc. I always loved the topic of sex (since I was a teen, it fascinated me) so I completed a sexology/sex coaching program within the next 6 months. My interested has only grown more around this topic and I've now helped literally hundreds of men personally.


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