Stephanie Ganowski, relationship and intimacy coach for men, helps men feel attractive, confident and decisive when it comes to their relationships with themselves and with women. Her BA in psychology and her gender intelligence training, provides her clients with the keys to unlocking the secret language of women, while remaining mentally self-assured in the process. Her mission is to improve the skillset of effective communication between male and female relationships!


How is Steph different from other relationship coaches?

  • Her no bullshit/no fluff attitude when it comes to confronting her client of the reality of the situation he's in (she believes total honesty is needed to push him forward)

  • Her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and history of mindset coaching, which allows her to immediately pinpoint any negative, behavioral thinking habits and patterns holding her client back or getting in his way

  • Her understanding and appreciation when it comes to men... Steph not only teaches men how to better connect with women but she spends an ample amount of time, building on his personal strengths and level of confidence

  • Her extensive knowledge in gender intelligence and implementing this study throughout the personalized programs she offers

Communication is key. Two people can be in the same relationship and yet see it in two different ways.

*Photography by Jamie Lebowitz