Meditation for the Busy Man

Do you not have time to mediate? 

I don't buy ittttt

We all have time for the things we make a priority in our lives.

I know for sure that if you were truly aware of all the benefits of meditation, you would 100% make it a DAILY priority. So let's dive into them now!

Meditation benefits include: 

  • Reduces stress 

  • Controls anxiety/pain 

  • Improves attention span 

  • Prolongs awareness 

  • Aids in memory function 

  • Generates kindness and empathy 

  • Improves sleep 

  • Helps fight addiction 

  • Decreases blood pressure 

  • Improves connection with others 

  • Enhances self awareness 

  • Promotes emotional health 

...just to name a few.

On a serious note, you neeeeed to pull back and his the pause button when the overwhelm in your life is too much. Especially as men- stress can do serious physical damage to you- so let's keep you healthy, happy and safe with mediation :)

You'll also realize the productivity that mediation actually gives you. By "turning off" for a small amount of time each day, it allows your brain to reorganize itself so that you have triple the speed, focus and efficiency when "turning on".


To help you get on track with this, I want to give you two ways to mediate:

1. Internal Visual mediation: 

  • Spend 20 mins sitting in silence (or with a meditation playlist on in the background)

  • Take in huge inhales and release great big exhales 

  • Focus on what you want for your life. Play out specific scenes in your head with certain people, places and things in detail! 

  • Really focus on the visuals being soo real, it's as if they happened already (you'll get better with this in time)

  • Notice how you start to feel differently... Calm. Happy. Excited. Really fucking good. 

(*If you're doing it right, you won't want to stop*)

2. Awareness External mediation:

  • Go for a 20 minute walk without your phone or distractions 

  • Focus on what's around you and how you're breathing 

  • Feel the breeze against your skin, notice the colors of the flowers, listen to the noises in the distance...

  • Just be in the moment. Slow everything down and just notice where you stand; physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc. 

  • Pay attention 

So now that you know exactly how to meditate and why it's so damn important, I really would love for you to please read the above list once again. Take note of all the negative symptoms going on in your body right now and realize that if you were to spend only 20 minutes of your day meditating, it would improve not only your mood, awareness and and overall outlook on life but your physical (internal and external) functioning as well!

We only get one life and one body, so let's prioritize whatever helps us have a good time and feel good!

Am I right? ;)

Hope this helped guys!