The 5 Common Mistakes Men make on Dates with Women

Ok, so first off, I just want to acknowledge you men for doing what you do. I know it can't be easy to approach a woman you don't know, in the hopes she'll find you attractive and want to talk to you. Since working only with men as a relationship coach, it has certainly made me more aware of how difficult this is. After I give my clients a specific 'task' for the week in terms of improving their approach, I try it myself with strangers on the street... it used to take me about 10 attempts!( LOL) but lately it's become easier, the more I practice. Anyway, I feel you guys. I know it's hard and that's why I want to do everything in my brain power to help you make it feel easy. Anyway, now to todays topic...

 The 5 common dating mistakes men often make and how YOU can avoid them! ...

1) Not offering to pick her up for the date. Many women really love this! I understand that maybe today it's more of a 'keeping her comfortable' type of thing but does it hurt to offer? If she is more old-school and enjoys the anticipation of being picked up, it can start the date on a more romantic level. This helps you a lot in terms of showing her you're attracted to her. Sometimes a woman will question the man's intentions if he doesn't offer to pick her up. She'll be thinking "well, if this was an actual 'date', then he would probably offered to pick me up...maybe he just wants to be friends or just wants to use me for sex... do I want him just for sex?" (ahh the female brain haha). The LAST thing you want is going into the date confusing her as to whether or not you're seriously interested in her. That should be a no-brainer. Offering to pick her up will help make it obvious.  

2) Treating the date like an interview, bragging about yourself and/or start boring conversations. Now, I know the 'bragging' is just you guys trying to show your strong points. You're nervous and you want to show that you're a good match for her. However, this complaint from women is sooo common. She'll eventually find out about your success/ fancy car. Telling her about it before she sees/finds out for herself is a turn off. She'll be MUCH more attracted to you if she finds out herself and realizes you didn't have to go out of your way to tell her. When it comes to the 'interview' and not having boring conversation, I JUST did an instagram video on this exact topic so check it out by clicking the instagram link at the very bottom of this page.  --> watch this video because I literally cover EXACTLY what to do to make the date FUN and not boring.  

3) Not flirting or not making romantic gestures. If you're on a date, romance is a must! Flirting is a must! At least if you're trying to attract her to you. If you don't show you're attracted to her, through your words and/or body language, she will not feel special to you at all and therefore, lose appeal and feel like she just wasted her night. Women want to feel sexy and wanted on a date- they don't want to feel like they're out with their brother lol. Now, this doesn't mean you go feeling her up under the table but the tiniest romantic gestures will tell her "I'm into you" and she'll be craving more. You're better off making multiple tiny 'moves', than feeding her 2 verbal compliments during the night. Don't just tell her, show her. That makes it more real.

4) Not having plans for after the date. Having a plan for when the date goes well can really help you guys! You don't want to sit in the same spot for 5 hours, so have a few options for where you can take her afterwards. Women love options. If you both had a great time, you don't want to be in the awkward position of "ahh what do we do now haha....". By you having a plan, it shows you care and let's be honest if you ask her, she'll most likely respond like "whatever you want to do!" (Especially if you drove, she'll always just leave it totally up to you, UNLESS you give her options- then she'll most likely choose an option right away and it won't be awkward moving to the next spot)!

5) Going in for the kiss abruptly OR ending the night with an awkward hug. Ok, so if you really don't know if she's into you or not, try to end the evening where you can make lots of eye contact with her. If she can stare into your eyes at the end of the night and not keep looking away, it mostly likely means she wants to kiss you. Women will protect themselves by getting 'distracted' by everything if they don't want the intimacy from you. When women want that kiss, an earthquake can't break eye contact with you LOL. If you're still unsure, just go in slow (lots of men JUMP to the kiss and it freaks women out). Go slow enough so she has the option to turn her head a little if she has to, in which case, you can kiss her cheek at that point. Don't worry guys, this happens! Sometimes she even wants to kiss you, but is still somewhat unsure or nervous herself! So don't let the turn to cheek let you down. Even if she wasn't into you and the chemistry is off, then that's ok too. Try to appreciate the date for what it was; a new experience with a new woman, who helped you learn more about yourself :)

***And look, obviously women make mistakes too- a lot of them! This email was intended to make you more aware, not let you down. We only learn from mistakes and failure right?? That's why the focus of this was on the 'mistakes'.