Yes, yes, this is totally true, for many reasons! Having sex uses a lot of muscles you guys don't use on a daily basis. So if you find yourself losing your breath during sex, not able to keep yourself (or her) lifted or in position, you can't last very long, etc. Then read below how exercise can help you improve your sex life by making it so much more fun, comfortable and enjoyable for the two of you!

  • Cardio helps you last longer in bed (physically and sexually)!

    • Physically- It improves your overall stamina and endurance, strengthening your heart and lungs so that you are able to breathe and move comfortably and at a pace that keeps you feeling good. Cardio exercise also prevents cramps and many studies show it allows for better/stronger orgasms!

    • Now "cardio", does not mean a walk outside. It means giving your body a little push in movement for about 20-30 minutes, beyond what it normally does. About 3-4x/week at least. To increase your stamina in bed, you need to put some effort in when not in bed! 

  • Weight lifting increases testosterone levels -which amps up your sex drive ;) 

    • Bent-over rows -> Keeps your back strong and supportive 

    • Push-ups -> Will keep your arms from shaking if you're on top of her for a long period of time

    • Lunges -> Will keep your butt firm and thrusting will be much easier and allow you more control over rhythm  

    • Abs -> Will keep your core feeling supported and stable, as you may want to throw her around and not want to feel like you'll break a body part in the process lol

  • Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

    • This prevents erectile dysfunction and also strengthens the pubococcygeus or “PC” muscle, which you use to hold in your urine. This is a common 'sex exercise' often targeted at women, but it's just as beneficially to you guys! By strengthening your PC, you'll be able to last longer by having more control over your orgasms. 

      • A good first step would be to practice holding your urine in at random times when you pee. Hold for 1 second, pee for 1 second, hold, pee (about 7x/bathroom visit) ... Iol weird I know, but this will help you guys! Also, you don't even have to strengthen this muscle only when you pee, you can do it during the day, whenever/wherever- just practice holding and releasing the muscle - no one will know you're doing it.

  • Reduces stress 

    • Physical activity produces brain chemicals called 'endorphins', which act as natural painkillers. It's better to go into sex already feeling good and excited, not go into sex looking to feel good and excited. Am I right??

  • Increases sperm

    • A recent Huffpost article stated, "A six-month study among 261 previously sedentary men in Iran found that those who were randomly assigned to start exercising on a treadmill improved the quality of their sperm in terms of volume, sperm count, motility and morphology (shape and size)." That's amazing! So cool.

    Yoga- Allows you to get into multiple positions during sex (to make it fun, comfortable and impressive, for you and her!)

    • Groin stretches- laying on your back and touching your feet together and pulling them towards you is a great one (do this after cardio)

    • Hip openers- research the pose called 'pigeon'- AMAZING hip stretch. It sucks in the beginning but I always made my male fitness clients do this and they eventually loved it! After a week you'll feel like a new man lol (you actually will- we all carry lots of emotional stress in our hips, this stretch is the best way to release it) 

  • Confidence! 

    • When you work on your body, you feel better about yourself. You just do. I've been working on my body for 6 years consistently now and it's one of my TOP priorities. You'll find that it makes you feel good about yourself, think clearer, feel stronger and more comfortable in your skin, keep you focused and energized for life, keep your body feeling happy and healthy AND YOU'LL FEEL GREAT NAKED. (Best part, sorry, I got excited). You don't have to be jacked, or have abs to feel sexy in your body or for women to find you attractive. But you know what does make a sexy man? A man who is comfortable in his body and a man who takes care of his body (regardless of his current size or shape). 

***Always speak with a professional before starting a specific workout routine. You want to be sure your body is in the right place to handle the stress of a workout :)***

That being said, I am a NASM certified personal fitness trainer (I coached clients in fitness for 5+ years now) and I believe exercise is SO important for overall mental, physical, sexual, psychological and emotional health. This is why I implement exercise/fitness into my clients' plans/routines and I even provide the option of a custom meal/workout plan, to reach specific physical goals. When you're ready to get your life, relationships and body on track, fill out the form below ;)