3 Exercises to do Before your Date with her!

No, I'm not talking just physical exercises ...
I'm talking mental and physical. I'm talking body-mind manipulation ;)

Don't worry! It's not as confusing as it sounds!

I just want you guys to realize that you can change the way you appear to women, by doing certain things with your body and mind right before meeting her. Pretty cool, right? ;) 

OK. So here are 3 ways to put yourself into a better state, before your date ...making her want you more:

1. Workout in the gym a couple hours beforehand 

  • Not only does this increase your testosterone levels (which makes your smell and energy more attractive to her), it also puts you in a better place mentally due to the endorphin rush in the brain. After putting your body through a rigorous exercise (yes, I'm talking about lifting here...not the treadmill), it is in its primal masculine, making you feel strong, confident and capable. Your posture will also improve naturally, since lifting weights forces you to remain in a tall, straight, alignment. 

2. Play around/loosen up with a friend or family member/ watch comedy 

  • Doing this before a date puts you in a fun, positive, happy state of mind. So many men (and women) sit around in their heads hours before the date, instead of just living life or priming themselves for how they want their mood/personality to come across. When making a first impression, it's important to make sure you go into it relaxed so that you can be your authentic self! So the best way to do this, is to play beforehand (just did an instagram post on this today). This way, when she meets you, you'll have laughed a lot, relaxed, enjoyed your time and it will carry on into the date. She'll sense that you're a fun guy, enjoyable to be around and allows her to feel relaxed as well! 

3. Set Intentions

  • I say do this before doing anything in your life. Moving from task to task, I've learned recently to set an intention for how I want the new task to go. For instance, before writing this email I told myself, "I want the information in this email to come across 1. Easily attainable 2. Quick and fun to read 3. Make sense and 4. Intriguing". (Hopefully it is all of those things!) So since it works well for tasks, why not use it for humans too! Before going on a date with a woman, tell yourself at least 3 intentions of how you want to appear to her, how you want the night to go, etc. For instance, "Tonight I want to appear safe, confident, sexy and fun to this woman". By setting an intention like this, it gives your brain something to work with! If you get stuck in your head worrying about the date, then your brain will worry about fucking up...therefore put all the focus there. So set the intentions you WANT and watch the magic happen. (No joke, I do this with everything now and it works like a freaking charm: getting work done quickly, handling difficult conversations, waking up at 5am every single morning by setting the intention before bed the night before, etc.) Try it!!

    • If you need guidance on a body-mind exercise, check out my latest podcast episode below (#17 on the “What I Love About Men” podcast)! I take you through an exercise myself, explaining the benefits in less than 15 minutes.

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