Top 3 most interesting takeaways from my mentor, Dr. John Gray!


I recently returned from the MarsVenus headquarters in Las Vegas, NV where I periodically meet with a diverse and intimate group of coaches, from around the world, to study the concepts and science of gender intelligence in more depth. Together, we share and discuss our perspectives, experience and the latest research and writing on understanding the differences between male and female mindset, hormones and brain function. The more aware of this knowledge we all are, the better we can serve our clients and teach them how to communicate more effectively in a world where relationships can be extremely difficult to maintain.

This time around, I was fortunate to spend one-on-one time with my longtime mentor, Dr. John Gray. Although Dr. Gray has an incredibly busy professional life - writing best selling books and traveling all over the globe lecturing to thousands of people at a time, he always makes time for his students and stays deeply connected to the "core" of MarsVenus headquarters. Being trained personally by an internationally recognized expert on romantic relationships and the author of one of the top-selling relationship books in the history of print is pretty amazing! Even after spending so much time learning Dr. Gray's perspective I have to admit: I'm still awestruck by the opportunity to sit in a room and listen to him lecture. He's nothing short of an icon in this field. Dr. Gray's knowledge and experience is unparalleled and I was, as always, captivated to by everything he had to say. It's always incredible to share the room with a living legend - but it's especially gratifying to be educated directly by one in the subject I am most personally fascinated with. 

Long before I completed my training as a MarsVenus coach I was like millions of other men and women around the world. I picked up a copy of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and my life changed dramatically. I was captivated and fascinated and wanted to devour every book I could find on the interplay between romantic relationships and psychology/brain science. There was a time when I was the woman who continually expressed, "I don't need a man! I can do things myself! Fuck men!" I feel some shame even typing those past feelings because I cannot possibly feel more opposite at the moment. I love men, I appreciate them wholeheartedly and I will never look at "needing" a man as a weakness ever again. Because it's not a weakness! I truly believe that it takes a smart, strong, confident woman to accept help or ask for help from a smart, strong, confident man. Women should not HAVE to do everything themselves, as men shouldn't HAVE to do everything themselves either. We need each other. Together, life can be so much easier... IF we choose to educate ourselves on our differences. Without the understanding that we fit like a puzzle piece (mentally and physcailly) for a reason, our relationships can quickly become frustrating, aggravating and unmanageable. So why not make an effort to figure each other out, right? 

Understanding is key to better communication between males and females.

This is exactly what John's books have instilled in my little psych/people-loving brain. Now I want to share all I've learned (and continue to learn) with you. 

Here are the top 3 most interesting takeaways I've learned from my mentor, Dr. John Gray:

  1. You can change your relationship with your partner completely just by reevaluating your own life and changing yourself. 

  2. Powerful men are sex hungry because they are so high in testosterone so their body starts craving estrogen (sex) to balance out hormone levels.

  3. Women often vent/complain/share feelings whenever they are trying to get back to their feminine side- these actions produce estrogen in the female body. 

Those are, of course, just a very short summary of topics that Dr. Gray explores in deep detail in his research and writing. They are also the topics I work closely with my clients to explain and help apply to their dating and romantic lives and improve their relationships with women. I LOVE the chance to read, think, write and talk about these topics and I love to share my passion for this subject with my clients and colleagues. 

I can't wait for the next gathering of my MarsVenus brothers and sisters and, until then, I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. 

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