What are some tips and tricks for being more persuasive in a relationship?


  • Understanding the other person's point of view- This allows you see and feel where he/she is coming from and then respond in a way that respects his/her personal opinions, needs and desires. Never tell him/her “you’re wrong”.

  • Make him or her feel needed and appreciated- Everyone wants to feel important, right? When your partner specifically points out that you're smart, beautiful, hard-working, etc., it puts you in a positive, content state of agreement. It's much easier to persuade your partner after boosting his or her self-esteem.

  • Back up your theory- Relate it to something that worked out for them in the past

  • Speak to your partner- Do this in a way that honors whatever decision he/she ends up making (reassurance that you’ll still love them no matter what)

  • Be honest about how the result will make you feel. Your partner should want you to be happy and if you speak to emotion rather than fight to be right, you’ll have a much better chance of winning him/her over

  • Reciprocate- Do something nice for your partner or promise something nice if he/she complies to your request (make a trade)

  • Make a conscious effort to instill good feelings- Promote good feelings the 24 hours before you try to persuade them

  • Give him or her a visual- Show your partner a picture of the positive impact his/her decision can make on both of your lives

  • Reason with your partner- Provide him/her with back-up reasons as to why this decision is so important to you.

  • Give your partner time to think- Tell him/her far ahead of time so he/she has time to sleep on it

  • Put your partner in a “yes” state- Right before persuading, ask him/her multiple questions you’re fully aware will receive a “yes” response. 

How will being more persuasive may benefit you in your relationship?

·       It will give you more confidence in your romantic relationship (and all of your relationships in general)

·       You will gain a higher level of trust with your partner

·       You will learn to understand your partner better mentally and read him/her     better physically

·      You will reach a new level of self-respect and never “settle” again