What are some mature, grownup activities couples can do together?


·      Visit a museum

·      Go on a hike

·      Go wine-tasting

·      Take a cooking class

·      Play “31 Questions”

·      See a show (Broadway, Cirque, Comedy, etc.)

·      Take on a new hobby together

·      Go on a fun drive

·      Attend a social event in your community (meet new people)

·      Take a dancing class (ballroom, salsa, tango, etc.)

·      Try out a new restaurant

·      Get a couples massage

·      Plan a spontaneous vacation

·      Have a game night with each other or with friends

·      Attend a concert

  • These activities allow you to fall in love with your partner again physically, mentally and emotionally. For instance, by taking part in activities like "36 questions that lead to love", you will find yourself asking your partner things you would have never asked him or her ever before. Mental stimulation is exciting and sexy, especially when it comes to sparking an old flame. The simple fact that these activities are engaging, adventurous and fun will allow you to once again associate these happy, positive feelings with your partner, as if the two of you were back in the honeymoon stage!