Signs that your relationship is over...


·      Little to no eye contact – If your partner is unable to (or chooses not to) look at you directly in the eyes, this is a sign of disconnect/annoyance/discomfort.

·      Neither of you make an effort to mend the challenges in your relationship- When times get tough and it’s clear there is a problem both of you will come up with a plan to solve it. If the two of you don’t care enough to work at that plan, it’s over.

·      You’re thinking about someone else- I don’t mean once during sex… I’m talking about ongoing fantasies, day and night. You might not even care if your partner is cheating on you.

·      No intimate touching or small loving gestures- Usually after the honeymoon phase, playful touch is less frequent. However, showing no loving touch is a sign of the two of you pulling apart.

·      Your life goals do not match up- This can be a huge deal and very important to consider before going into a relationship as well as once you’re already in it. You will resent your partner forever if you are not clear on your goals and make it a priority to go after exactly what you want in this life.