STEP #1: Find out where you are right now.

In order to have the relationship you want, all areas of your life must be acknowledged. They all play an influential role.

STEP #2: Schedule a Psychological Dating Analysis. 

This is personalized system created to analyze WHY you communicate with women the way that you do and WHAT exactly you need to change, in order for you to communicate successfully and effectively. 

  • You can't have the relationship you want, unless you know exactly what's not working for you now.

STEP #3: Choose a one-time service or package service. 

Package services (paid monthly):

Introductory Package:

  • A 1-hour weekly strategy session (by phone) 
  • One weekly check-in email
  • Personalized action plan created for you to find and keep life and relationship you want 
  • Removal of anything mentally holding you back from attracting what and who you want to attract

Standard Package: 

  • All the benefits of the Introductory Package plus
  • 2 Additional 1-hour sessions per month (6 sessions/month total)
  • Unlimited email communication with Steph

Premier Package:

  • All the benefits of the Standard Package plus
  • 2 additional sessions (8 total/month) to maximize results and maintain focus.
  • Emergency dating texts with Steph (for any immediate questions you have while on the date) or emergency texting in regards to whatever we're working on with you!
  • Personalized fitness/nutrition plan
  • Mock dating with Steph via FaceTime video (we practice body language and conversation approaching and flow)
  • “In Field” Coaching - Stephanie comes out with you in a public “in field” setting and walks you through steps of approaching women providing valuable feedback and real time assistance. (If in LA area. This would count as two sessions).