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"Stephanie is personally trained by me to help you in your relationships. This is someone you can trust to give you the advice you need to better your life."

-  John Gray Ph. D, Author of, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", the number one selling relationship book of all time.


"Steph knows her shit. In an industry filled with bland and cliché advice, she offers refreshing, honest and legit help. Get on it."

-Chris Manak, Australia's leading dating coach


“Steph's no-nonsense, no-holds-barred brand of coaching will change the way you look at relationships: your own and those around you. In a world where men and women often struggle to understand and effectively interact with each other - Steph is a powerful resource with the insight, training and communication skills to help anyone looking to find and build better intimate relationships or improve the one they have. Steph approaches each client with the calm clarity of a yoga teacher, the energy of a personal trainer, the insight of an academic and the humor of a stand-up comic. I've frequently referred my clients who are reentering the dating world to her services and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to supercharge their romantic life." 

-James J. Sexton, Esq. : Author "If You're In My Office, It's Already Too Late - A Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Together"


"When I first contacted Steph, I was hurt. I felt confused and weak. Then I made the call and Steph made goals for me. Not sure exactly how but the things she had me work on somehow worked! I don't feel stuck anymore. I feel I have direction in my life. I feel the way you would feel after getting a chiropractor adjustment; Everything is aligned regarding school, life, confidence and even my gym workouts!!! I was not expecting to make studying part of my daily routine but Steph made it happen!! Even that increased my confidence! I wasn't looking for new gym workouts but Steph suggested some and then that increased my confidence in the gym! Everything she had me do made me more sure of myself. I have more control over what makes me happy. I feel mentally free."

-Oscar Soto, Client


“Dating can be tough nowadays and the dynamics have changed over the years. I decided I needed to change the way I was approaching going on dates with women as I felt I was stuck in a pattern of meeting the same type of women which led to the inevitable result. By pure chance I came across @lets.talk.relationships on Instagram and read her posts and thought she gave interesting advice. After chatting to Steph, we decided to start a three month course to help me change my mindset and outlook. Steph was helpful, supportive and gave great advice but most importantly, always made me think for myself. She changed my way of thinking, helped me set goals for my life and was always there to chat things through if I was struggling or didn’t understand things. Steph is ultra reliable and always called at the exact specified time (unless the clocks changed 🤣) She helped me so much and I am thankful and grateful for that. I am so much more confident, considerate and thoughtful when it comes to approaching women and going on dates. I would highly recommended contacting Steph, she will change your life in such a positive way. I promise you won’t even recognize the old you afterwards!”

-Matthew B, Client


“Stephanie is a skilled active listener and she has been a ear for issues in my life that required just that. Her coaching had a style of which was to ask you the questions that you are already asking yourself but not answering. She was always a pleasure to hear from and get coaching from.”

-Matthew F, Client


“It takes two to tango, but if you are willing to take the first step to make a significant change in yourself, then Steph is the ticket to a better version of YOU. She has challenged me to shift my current perceptions, thoughts and notions of myself through daily exercises and self accountability. As these changes manifested, a new me emerged and I was able to act in new ways…better ways! I’m a greater version of myself thanks to the guidance, attention and care of Steph!”

-Jason G, Client


"Stephanie gives all of the tools, perspective and confidence needed to be the best version of yourself. I can't thank her enough for help she has given me on my journey!"

-Darren, Client


"Steph will constantly make you think, 'Wow. I never thought of it that way'. What I admire most about Stephanie is that she cares about her clients very much. I'm so happy that I found her!"

-Jamie P, Client


"Stephanie has been a huge help to me in addressing sensitive topics and concerns that I and many people often avoid. She has allowed me to be more open minded, understand issues from both a male and female perspective and helped me to be a better individual first, so that I can be a better partner. In short, she has kept it real, without the fluff which is what helped me improve."

-Carlo P, Client


"She is incredible!!! I love her work!! Everyone make an appointment with her, she's life changing!!!"

-Travis, SAMPLE Enterprises, Client


"Steph is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and passionate; & her passion is contagious. Steph’s eagerness to assist and knowledge is uncompromising in quality. She’s helped me in understanding how my husband communicates without using words. It’s amazing how it has helped my relationship and marriage! Furthermore, she goes the “extra mile” in “digging deep” to explain the root causes/reasons of how and why we feel. It’s amazing what I’ve learned from her. I want everyone to experience what Steph has to offer!"

-Santana St. Onge, Client 


"The combination of Steph's energy, expertise, and passion for her calling means she is able to support you in reaching your goals quickly, and with authenticity. She is caring, intuitive, and most important of all she helps you get results."

Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist MSc & Hay House Author of "Now Is Your Chance"


"Steph is amazing. She's down-to-earth and never seems stumped by a question or challenge. I love her organized, commonsense approach and have recommended her to friends as I have no doubt she can help anyone. Sometimes you can't overanalyze a decision, you just have to do it.  If you're on the fence about this, go for it and don't look back!"

-- Laci Texter, Founder/President at Texter Communications


"Steph's positive energy is contagious!  Her methods are not only result-driven but totally unique and she is so much fun to be around!  She always gives me the courage I need to move forward!"

-- Bill Montalvo, Client 


"Steph has helped teach me the skills needed to transform my life.  After working with her for over a year the things she taught me have become part of my lifestyle, through a shift in my mindset.  I've gained tools that I continue to use on a daily basis.  I can still always count on her whether it's facing a new obstacle, a pep talk, or a quick check-in." 

-- Nicole Safran, Client


“When Steph came to speak to my employees, her message was informative, relatable and motivational.  Her tone was empathetic and empowering.  It was obvious that my employees were engaged in her presentation."

-Lou Romano, President at Homewell Senior Care